Single phase generators

The range of multi-purpose single-phase generators XGREENS Powered by Honda has been designed for the professional who is looking for a reliable, robust generator, with good current quality and long autonomy. For this reason, the entire range has a reinforced chassis, AVR regulation and a large capacity tank.

With this range, the professional has at his disposal the most complete collection of generators up to 10 KVA, with single-phase or three-phase output, and with manual or electric start. Perfect for construction and rental, these generators are equipped with a Honda GX engine, with a 3-year warranty for professional use, and an oil level sensor to guarantee maximum reliability.

XGREENS Powered by Honda generators are equipped with AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulator technology. It is an electronic system that automatically regulates the voltage depending on the applied load, in a much more precise and faster way than a traditional alternator by capacitor or transformer.

In addition to these advantages for the professional user, the range also stands out for having a complete control panel with thermal protection, plugs and a digital indicator to control voltage, frequency and working hours.

Obviously, the engines comply with the strictest environmental regulations, such as EURO V, CARB and EPA, and the generators have full European approval including the noise emission directive and ROHS.

All this, together with a very compact and easily transportable design, make this range the perfect collection for use in construction, rental or industry in general.

XGREENS Powered by Honda generators are designed to be your trusted, quality and reliable source of energy, to work in the harshest environments and for the most demanding professional applications. We guarantee that all its generators offer the power indicated in the technical tables and have full European approval, including the noise emission directive and RoHS. They are powerful, practical and easy to transport.

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