Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40
Weeder DHX 40

Weeder DHX 40

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XGREENS™ DHX 40 Powered by Honda professional, self-propelled weeder, alternative to chemical herbicides for leveling, uprooting and raking on permeable soils.

Powered by Honda

All of our products are equipped exclusively with original Honda engines, designed for demanding users who are looking for a product with added value and an excellent price-quality ratio.


The XGREENS™ DHX40 weeder is designed for professionals or demanding users for public spaces, cemeteries, parks, castles, and campsites. It is designed to remove weeds from permeable soils such as sand, gravel, etc. It is ideal for performing this task on paths, park avenues, bike paths, sidewalks, cemeteries, playgrounds, sports fields, private yards, etc.

Honda engine inside

The heart of Honda is in its engines and all weeders are equipped with the powerful 4-stroke engine exclusive to the brand. All Honda engines incorporate cutting-edge technology that guarantees efficiency, reliability, and a long service life. In addition, due to its strong commitment to environmental protection, Honda manufactures engines that meet the strictest regulations in the world.

Alternative to chemical herbicides

The XGREENS™ DHX40 weeder offers an alternative to chemical herbicides. It is designed for surfaces invaded by moss and weeds on surfaces up to 2000 m². It destroys the roots of weeds and works at shallow depth, disturbing the soil structure as little as possible. Destroying the root is synonymous with high performance as the time for weeds to reappear is longer than if they were cut with a weed trimmer.

Ease of use

This machine is compact and accessible to everyone. It is easy to drive and maneuver. It has a 1-speed forward and 1-speed reverse transmission. Its handlebars are adjustable in height and laterally to avoid obstructing the path for greater user comfort. It also has a front counterweight to ensure the traction of the pneumatic tires.

3 jobs in one machine

The XGREENS™ DHX40 weeder consists of three main elements: a roller, a sharp 40 cm wide blade made of high-strength steel, and a rake. Thanks to these three elements, the work of leveling, removing, and raking is done.

Type of motor
Honda GP 160
163 cm³
Engine power
3,6 kW (4,8 cv)
Euro 95 fuel tank
3,1 liters
2,2 h
Safety device
Variable with reverse gear
Forward 3,2-5,4 km/h | Reverse 1,5-2,5 km/h
Working width
40 cm
Folding handlebar
Adjustable handlebar
Side-adjustable handlebar
Front weight
20 Kg
Work capacity
2.000 m²/h - Depending on the cutting area
Recommended work surface
Permeable soil
Chassis material
110 cm
132 cm
55,0 cm
Weight (dry)
95,0 Kg
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